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Fullcircle Siamese

True Siamese quality breeding



Tim Tam is the most affectionate we've ever come across, so clever, comes when she is called, never has accidents,plays fetch and melted my little brother's heart,(a little boy with some disability), we are just so happy with her, thank you so very much for such a special kitten.

Donna McF,

Kai is the most wonderful cat you could wish for, he has settled in really well and has his routine all worked out. He is a very cruisy cat and likes to sleep alot. He is not very interested in going outside which is great and is happy just to hang inside and fit in with the kids routine and ours. eg wakes at 6.30am plays till 9.00am, sleeps all day wakes at 4.00pm when the kids are home, goes to bed about 9.00pm. He enjoys sleeping in the office during the day while I am working. He curls up on Gary's A3 plans and sleeps in the sun and occasionally bites the paper, gradually demolishing the plans! .....

Anne Maree & Gary J.

As you know Miffy is over a year old now and we think she is close to fully grown. She is as energetic as ever and is a brilliant climber and jumper. We have taught her to jump on command and she is an expert at returning socks that we throw for her.She is very sooky with Pennie and often curls up on the lounge at the end of the day on her lap. But loves to play fight with me and is ever so gentle in the way she does. She is of the most beautiful temperament, and is not what I thought a cat would be like at all. She is very much a people cat and she hangs out with who ever visits or is home at the time. We think that she doesn't realise that she is a cat, because she acts like a human, and even has conversations with us (not that we can understand her). Anyway thank you and John again for the most perfect addition to our family. She has changed our lives for the better and we love her

Pennie & Daniel

NB: Pennie has now received her second FULLCIRCLE SIAMESE and is very happy with her new baby girl

We would like to thank you for the wonderful addition to our family -

‘Full Circle Mamoo’ aka “Misha”. From the first day Misha came home, it was clear that you have done a wonderful job in socialising the kittens, she made friends immediately with our other much older cat, the 3 dogs and our 2 children. She was also perfectly litter trained. She is most affectionate and is waiting to say hello as soon as we walk through the door, loves to cuddle up and watch TV, and climbs under the blankets in bed when the nights get a bit too cold. We absolutely love her and will not hesitate to come back to you for our next kitten!!

Robert, Belinda, Jaime & Riley W,

Thank you so much for my girl Kaboo. "Full Circle Kaboo" (Aka Kit’n KABOO’dle) is an excellent fetcher of most things including old and new socks but tends to steal all my hair ties and hides them under the fridge, never to be seen again. She loves bathroom mats and they are always scrunched up into a ball. She is adoringly cheeky and when she settles down for a sleep on my lap, she holds my hand in her arms like a security blanket. How could you not love that? She is very cuddly and talks to me, when she sees me getting ready to climb into bed. I often feel her pushing her way under the covers to snuggle behind my legs or around my cold feet (she makes fantastic bed socks!). She is very clean with her food bowl, litter tray as well as herself. Not only did you breed an exquisite example of what a traditional Siamese should look like, you raised a beautiful kitten too. Thank you again for providing me with such alluring and entertaining company.

Brooke H.

Tycho is amazing, thank you so much,Eliza was the one who didnt want a Siamese but last night she had him in bed with her!!! Hmm think he has her wrapped around his little paw!! Shall send you lots of photos, Thank you so much, he is incredible!!

Warren W and Eliza T.

So Many MORE:

We have many more testamonials from our very happy new mums and dads and would be happy to give you some contact information if you wish to ensure that our kittens are all we say they are!!!!